Letter To Meeks – Update #1


For over two months, we have been asking the Obama campaign to justify its continued close affiliation with the anti-gay fomenter of homophobia and race-baiting Reverend and Senator James Meeks.

From May 6-8th, the campaign had yet another opportunity to offer a reasonable explanation for its contradictory and capricious decision to allow James Meeks to serve as an Obama delegate. Instead, the Obama campaign chose to break its months-long  “blanket of silence” by effectively stating that while Obama disagrees with Meeks’ positions, the reverend leads a very large congregation of voters that is frequented by important officials – and therefore should not be held accountable. 

The refusal of the Obama campaign to reasonably explain its contradictory and capricious decision to allow Reverend James Meeks to represent the National Democratic Party at the 2008 convention is unconscionable.

The campaign’s position is in total contrast to both the views Obama espouses AND HIS CAMPAIGN’S OWN established precedent of requesting pledged delegates that make divisive comments to step aside.

Their decision is unprecedented, particularly in light of how the campaign swiftly asked Linda Ramirez-Swilinski to step down from her position as delegate after she made an unnaceptable and divisive racial comment – but one that was also not a matter of her public policy. 

At the time, the Obama campaign stated:  “her remarks were ‘divisive and unacceptable.'[…] ‘Given the incident, she is stepping down as a delegate and will be replaced,’ said campaign spokesman Ben Labolt.”  (Chicago Sun Times, April 8th, 2008).



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