Does Loyalty to Obama Preclude Accountability?

Is Loyalty to Obama Mutually Exclusive to a Demand for Accountability?

Genuine and enduring relationships are built on support, loyalty and mutual respect. The bedrock of respect is accountability. We tend to think of loyalty and accountability as diametrically opposed: the George Bush style of “With me or against me” or the “I am 100% right/you are 100% wrong” advocate/adversarial approach of our legal system.

But before the LGBT community segregates itself into “unquestionably loyal of Obama” and “unquestionably skeptical of Obama” camps, perhaps we should re-consider our common ground:

As a community, LGBT’s are a minority on the national stage. For the simple reason we are different than the majority, we remain a premier lightning rod that attracts the hatred and villification of the ignorant – who sadly comprise a much-larger contingent of the populace. We may not like it, but the fact is we are a wedge issue and will be played as such by Republicans and Democrats alike.

The advancements we’ve enjoyed are by an large the result of the brave and determined work of people who tenaciously demanded to be afforded the dignity and respect due all Americans. But we’re still a long way from that goal.

A message of inclusion carries both hope and risk for our community. It may enlighten our antagonists; on the other hand, it may forego our interests in order to bridge larger groups.

Perhaps now represents the moment in our history where we can be both loyal to a candidate and hold him/her reasonably accountable to upholding their pledges of dignity, respect – and action – to our community.




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