“Untouchable” James Meeks

Obama’s “Untouchable” Homophobic Delegate: Senator & Pastor James Meeks

 Why Is He”Untouchable?”

Meeks is a long time advisor, confidant and colleague of Barack Obama. And he is now a major campaign supporter and Obama delegate to the DNC Convention.

Reverend Meeks is a dangerously virulent homophobe and long-time, outspoken opponent of the LGBT community. He has used the pulpit of his church to call homosexuality an “evil sickness.” 

Meeks is infamous that the Southern Poverty Law Center placed him on its “Top Ten” list of homophobic African American religious leaders.

Meeks’ hate-mongering does not stop with the gay community, he is also a notorious race-baiter who’s racist rants have brought him headlines and a popular video on You-Tube.

There is simply no place for the offensive Reverend in a campaign of hope, unity and change. The idea of allowing him to serve as a DNC delegate is abhorrent and offensive.

Furthermore, the campaign has an established precedent of requesting delegates who make divisive remarks to step down. When Linda Ramirez-Swilinski, a suburban Hispanic grandmother, made a spontaneous comment to her neighbors’ children that was perceived as racially divisive, the campaign swiftly asked her to step aside.

In stark contrast, Meeks has a long history of calculated, hate-filled diatribes against the gay community and and unrepeatable racist tirades. However, Meeks remains affliated with the Obama campaign and is now a pledged delegate to him.

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