Meeks: The Close Advisor


  • Nov 2002: Meeks and Obama become colleagues in the Illinois state senate;
  • Apr 2003: “In the Washington tradition, Obama is a coalition builder. Among his supporters in the ’04 primary are Illinois Senate President Emil Jones, U.S. Representatives Danny K. Davis and Jesse Jackson Jr., state Sen. James Meeks, Illinois House Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie and Assistant House Majority Leader Art Turner.” (Chicago Sun Times, March 5, 2003)
  • Mar 2004: “‘On the Democratic side of the ballot, front-runner Barack Obama, an African-American state senator from Chicago, focused on ensuring a strong turnout among black voters. They’re talking that black folks won’t turn out, that progressives won’t turn out, that the ward machines are going to be gearing things up,’ Obama also made a visit to Salem Baptist Church, headed by Rev. James Meeks, also a state senator. Meeks emphasized the importance of getting blacks to vote in big numbers. ‘You can have the least amount of money to spend and have the darkest skin complexion, but if God blesses you, you can win,’ Meeks said in introducing Obama;” (Chicago Tribune, March 15, 2004 Monday)
  • Mar 2004: The night he won the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate, Obama made Reverend Meeks’ church the final destination of his victory celebration; (,obamafalsani040504.article4)
  • April 2004: Barack Obama tells a reporter from the Chicago Sun-Times that he had three spiritual mentors or counselors: Jeremiah Wright, James Meeks and Father Michael Pfleger; (,obamafalsani040504.article4)
  • April 2004: Meeks appears in television advertisements for Obama’s U.S. Senate campaign and Obama campaigns for U.S. Senate at Meeks’ Salem Baptist church; (
  • August 2004: Men’s News Daily reported “Obama’s closest religious advisers to be Father Michael Pfleger, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and Reverend James Meeks;” (
  • Nov 2005: Meeks is appointed by Obama to his presidential exploratory committee; ( )
  • Jan 2006: Meeks’ church choir performed at a rally for Obama the night he announced he would run for president and May 2006, soon after he announced his candidacy, Obama delivers another speech from Meek’s pulpit; (
  • Oct 2006: “Before the national conventions, the Senate speeches and the Men’s Vogue magazine cover, Barack Obama was a community organizer in Chicago, planning voter drives and after-school programs with preachers and church ladies. The 45-year-old senator learned some important things in those meetings, said his friend the Rev. James Meeks, who is also an Illinois state senator. Placed on his first platform – or pulpit – Obama had to learn quickly how to relate to people in the pews;” (The Kansas City Star, October 21, 2006 Saturday)
  • 2008: Meeks announces he will be supporting Obama as a delegate to the 2008 convention – and is therefore in a position to helpdecide the Democratic nomination. His status as a delegate gives confers a certain influence isgreater than that of Hagee and Parsley.)
  • Meeks is figured prominently on Obama’s campaign web site.


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