Hope, But Hold Accountable

Audacity at its Finest?

“There has not been a stronger or more consistent advocate on LGBT issues than I have been.” – Barack Obama


Obama’s skills as a politician are phenomenal. In just four years he has not only captured the national stage, he has created (with the barest of records) a messianic image among the LGBT community. He can now tell us: ““There has not been a stronger or more consistent advocate on LGBT issues than I have been,” and we collectively nod our heads in adulatory agreement. Obama’s skillful aura has the potential to be an inclusionary force for our community – keyword being potential.

The simple truth about Obama is that we just don’t know. His messianic view of himself and the LGBT community is not supported by a record of action. Further, the record gives us clear grounds to be skeptical.

This blog will serve as a record of accountability. We will track what Obama says and contrast it with what he does. Ultimately, these efforts will either serve as a testament to achievement or an accounting of duplicity.



7 responses to “Hope, But Hold Accountable

  1. I’m hopeful, but skeptical, also. Accountability. Count me in for checking the record!

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  3. john polifronio

    The stunning move to the Right, that we’ve seen from Obama, makes me wonder why people are still wondering if they can trust Obama. Obama is deceitful, just as I suspected he was, from the beginning. He’s not yet, even the nominee of his own party, and yet has already turned against nearly all the promises he made, while he was still trying to snatch the nomination. Now that he thinks he has it wrapped up, he’s changing his tune, and turning against the people that supported him.

  4. Eugene De Stefano

    I have one question to you all. When it comes to LGBT issues, who is the lesser evil? Historically, a liberal or a conservative. Let’s be objective please.

  5. I’ll use a bit of logic. I think Obama is a lot less dangerous to LGBT issues than McCain will ever be. I’ll vote Obama.

  6. Anyone truly committed to the advancement of LGBT civil rights in the country should be voting for Obama, but does that mean we have to leave logical reasoning behind, or not hold him accountable for his actions?

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